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Lombardo’s First Ever Album RELEASED!

Already everyone, it’s official! Lombardo’s First Ever Album has been released! Like, comment, share, subscribe to his social networking profiles. Don’t forget to share all of his Facebook and Twitter posts so your friends can know too! All tracks are downloadable at NO COST!


Click on the track name to visit download page.

My Love feat B. White
Lights Down Low
Like This
Where Ya At
A Love Curse
A Better Man
Nothing’s Impossible

Full Album Download

“Preso” featuring Lombardo by LNY – Released

Listen to “Preso” on YouTube

Lombardo’s First Album

Lombardo and his team are excited to announce the launch of his FIRST ALBUM, “Levitation,” on August 31st! And best yet, he is offering every track and the full album as a FREE download. So get ready for his first album to become a hit. Help him out by Like, Commenting, Sharing, and Subscribing to all of his Social Network Posts to help spread the word about his album.


“Overdose” Released

Listen to “Overdose” on YouTube

“Invisible” (Spanglish R&B) – Released

Listen to “Invisible” on YouTube

“What’s Your Name” – Released

Listen to “What’s Your Name” on YouTube

“This Is Me” Released

Listen to “Grab Me Up” on YouTube

“I Will Fight” Released

Lombardo brings to you, “I Will Fight.” This song is about life being very short, and there are always people telling you that you cannot achieve things…But with a good group of friends, family, and GOD we can achieve anything we put our mind to.

Listen to “I Will Fight” on YouTube

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“Star Gazer” – Single Released

Lombardo brings to you, “Star Gazer.”

Listen to “Star Gazer” on YouTube

Download “Star Gazer” from Hulk Share


“Lay You Down” – Single Released

Lombardo brings to you, the hottest of all of his singles, Lay You Down.

Listen to “Lay You Down” on YouTube

Download “Lay You Down” from Hulk Share


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